About us

We are a responsible and respectful hotel operator.

Premier Inn is a successful economy hotel business.

We are known for consistency, good service and affordability and our bedrooms appeal to both leisure and business travellers year-round.


Our hotels are well-managed, with a core family and business traveller offer.

With staff on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we ensure that those staying in our hotels and our neighbours are free of disturbance.

We offer modern, flexible accommodation with disability access and level-access rooms. Whilst the prices of our rooms will fluctuate due to the season, the average price for a night across the year is expected to be £80-£90.

Group booking requests are handled by a dedicated team in our support centre, with the hotel manager always having the final say on whether to accept group booking requests or not.

As a business, we do not cater for coach trips and tours.